Powering the energy revolution

Developing and deploying technology stacks to unlock next-generation battery solutions.

We design better batteries

Proudly based in Singapore, Graphene Watts is an advanced materials company that delivers the technology for next-generation batteries. Though energy-dense, our battery solutions offer more safety and recharge quicker. Our science-based approach creates incredible economic value while helping to mitigate climate change in a substantial and measurable way.

We rise to the challenge

The technology behind existing lithium-ion batteries (LIB) rely on diminishing, conflict minerals such as cobalt and nickel. Without the discovery of new mineral deposits or breakthroughs in battery recycling, these resources remain unsustainable. Although Li-ion battery usage is widespread and growing — especially in the electric mobility space — it continues to be hindered by obstacles like pricing, safety and performance constraints.

Our solution

For the last five years, our advanced research team has been working from the National University of Singapore (NUS) to address two major challenges:

  • Optimising the value chain of today’s batteries, by unlocking new chemistries and prolonging the cycle life of lithium-ion batteries (LIB).
  • Heralding next-generation energy storage by introducing a multi-patented lithium-sulfur battery (LSB) to the market.

Our approach

We focus on technology design, which is driven by the desire to reduce the ecological footprint of batteries. Our solid expertise in graphene and carbon-activated materials — together with a differentiated approach towards the use of new chemical compounds — enables us to build an exciting portfolio of in-house innovations that comprise:

  • Additives

  • Electrolytes

  • Electrodes

  • Cells

We recognise and anticipate the prominence of new generations of batteries in future energy markets.

International Energy Agency (IEA), 2022

Why choose us?

Our battery solutions are guided by four performance pillars. Though we deliver maximum performance on all pillars, we strive to always exceed best-in-class performance on at least two pillars for every application. This is our 4&2 commitment.

Our roadmap

For the last few years, we have been working hard to incubate the technology stack and orchestrating the go-to-market strategy from Singapore. Our first lithium-ion (LIB) and lithium-sulfur (LIS) battery pouch cells will be available by early 2023.

In the next two years, we aim to deploy our next-generation battery technologies and products by establishing our pilot manufacturing plant and forging a consortium of industry partners.

Our team

Professor Antonio Castro Neto

World-renowned academic on two-dimensional materials like graphene. Entrepreneur with experience in leading frontier-tech companies.

Dr Sergio Echeverrigaray

Experienced technology leader and project manager. Main research and development specialities include graphene, composites and energy storage.

Dr Vivek Nair

A decade of experience in battery technology as well as carbon capture and conversion. Loves building new industrial ecosystems based on advanced materials.

Pierrick Bouffaron

Over a decade of experience in general management, strategy and operations. Passionate about business development and entrepreneurship in frontier technology initiatives.

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